Tiny Tapeout 05

This repository contains the GDS file for the Tiny Tapeout 05 project. It was generated from https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tinytapeout-05@cefc5b5f73ec97491b8c78d9f312e2d86e5e783e.

Project Index

Address Author Title Type Git Repo
0 Uri Shaked Chip ROM HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt-chip-rom
1 Sylvain Munaut TinyTapeout 05 Factory Test HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-factory-test
2 Sylvain Munaut TinyTapeout 05 Loopback Test Module HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-loopback
271 Harald Pretl and Jakob Ratschenberger TT05 Analog Testmacro (Ringo, DAC) HDL https://github.com/iic-jku/tt05-analog-test
386 htfab Cell tester HDL https://github.com/htfab/cell-tester
388 Arfan Ghani AGL CorticoNeuro-1 Wokwi https://github.com/arfanghani/tt05-submission-AGhani
390 Morteza Biglari-Abhari Simple_Timer-MBA HDL https://github.com/mabhari/tt05-my_simple_timer
392 Gerry Chen 7-segment Name Display HDL https://github.com/gchenfc/Gerrys-Custom-ASIC-tt05
394 ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma Classic 8-bit era Programmable Sound Generator SN76489 HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-psg-sn76489
396 Matt Venn 7 segment seconds (VHDL Demo) HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-vhdl-demo
398 Milosch Meriac Super Mario Tune on A Piezo Speaker HDL https://github.com/meriac/tt05-play-tune
457 EconomIC Engineers 4 bit Sync Gray Code Counter HDL https://github.com/ariz207/tt05_GrayCounter
459 Austin Lo Clock and Random Number Gen HDL https://github.com/lolo0827/tapeout-v2
461 Matt Venn TT05 Analog Test HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt05-analog-test
463 Tom Keddie VGA Experiments HDL https://github.com/TomKeddie/tinytapeout-2023-tt05a
512 ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma Rule110 cell automata HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-rule110
518 Uri Shaked Game of Life 8x32 (siLife) HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-silife-max
526 Uri Shaked DFFRAM Example (128 bytes) HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-dffram-example
576 Himanshu Yadav Dual Compute Unit HDL https://github.com/himanshu5-prog/tt_um_myChip
578 Vytautas Ĺ altenis Collatz conjecture brute-forcer HDL https://github.com/rtfb/tt05-collatz
580 Uri Shaked Game of Life 8x8 (siLife) HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-silife-8x8
582 Wallace Everest ChipTune HDL https://github.com/WallieEverest/tt05
584 Gerrit Grutzeck TROS HDL https://github.com/gfg-development/tt05-tros
586 Haozhe Zhu 4-bit FIFO/LIFO HDL https://github.com/HaozheZhu/tt05-HZ
588 Uri Shaked SkullFET HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-skullfet
590 Leo Moser One Sprite Pony HDL https://github.com/mole99/tt05-one-sprite-pony
641 Ivan M Bow PRBS Generator Wokwi https://github.com/wulfhednar02/tt05_prbs_generator
643 Devin Atkin Stop Watch HDL https://github.com/devinatkin/tt05-stopwatch
645 algofoogle (Anton Maurovic) vga_spi_rom HDL https://github.com/algofoogle/tt05-vga-spi-rom
647 akita11 RO and counter HDL https://github.com/akita11/tt05-verilog-demo
649 Hirosh Dabui 8-Bit Shift Register with Output Latches 74HC595 HDL https://github.com/splinedrive/74hc595
651 Pat Deegan Neptune guitar tuner (proportional window, version b, debug output on bidir pins, larger set of frequencies) HDL https://github.com/psychogenic/tt04-neptune
653 Uri Shaked Simon Says game HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-simon-game-openlane2
654 Hirosh Dabui KianV uLinux SoC HDL https://github.com/splinedrive/KianV_rv32ia_uLinux_SoC
655 Uri Shaked Ring oscillator with counter HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-ringosc-counter
705 Sunao Furukawa cpu_8bit HDL https://github.com/Sunao-Furukawa/tt_um_sunaofurukawa_cpu_8bit
707 Matt Venn VGA clock HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt04-vga-clock
709 Matt Venn 7 segment seconds HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt04-verilog-demo
711 Matt Venn Frequency counter HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt-frequency-counter
713 Matt Venn RGB Mixer HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt04-rgb-mixer
715 Mike Bell SPI Peripheral HDL https://github.com/MichaelBell/tt05-spi-peripheral
717 Gustavo Gomez Multiplexed clock HDL https://github.com/Noteolvides/Noteolvides_clock_TinyTapeout
718 Pat Deegan, psychogenic.com Shaman: SHA-256 hasher HDL https://github.com/psychogenic/tt05-shaman
719 yubex metastability experiment HDL https://github.com/yubex/tt04-metastability-experiment